The Other Room - September 2012

Written by Tim Hancock   

I am sure that you have watched the Olympics with amazement and admiration as the winners have won and been rewarded for their years of dedication and commitment. Take Mo Farah, he has been running 120 miles (192 kilometres) a week, that’s 192000 metres, so that he could run 10000 metres and come first. Day after day, week after week, putting one foot in front of the other so that he could cross the line first. It has dominated his priorities, his planning and his personal life and has meant sacrifice and surrender to a cause that is bigger than anything else in his life.

That is true for all of us as well. Most of us will not choose to run 120 miles a week but whatever we make a priority in our lives, we will make time and give effort for. Whether it’s keeping the grass short, connecting with friends on Facebook, playing a round of golf, cleaning the car or keeping up with the latest storyline in your favourite TV show, we will all make time to do it. Sometimes we may not feel like it, but what is most important to us will determine our schedules and our choices.

This year the motto text has been ‘God First’ and as we have progressed through the year together we have had to make a choice to keep focussed and choose to put God first in everything. This has not only been a personal challenge in our marriages, as parents, at school, college, in the workplace but also for us as a community of faith. It is too easy to get distracted by so many things but the challenge continues to confront us, will we put God first in everything.

What has struck me time and time again is that every winner of an Olympic Gold has spoken about all the people who have helped them get to the top step of the podium. Nick Dempsey, who won silver in the Windsurfing competition, had promised to bring a medal home for his 3 year old son, Sir Chris Hoy thanked his team of nutritionist, fitness coach, psychologist and bike builder (to name a few), Mo Farah said, "If it wasn't for the crowd it wouldn't have happened, they give you that lift, that boost, and it was just incredible.”

As you continue to put ‘God First’, remember that you don’t do it alone. If you want to win you need other people, don’t train alone. As we continue to stretch out to follow God’s call to LHFC, as we continue to put God First, we need to be cheering one another on, learning to call on others when we start putting God’s priorities and lifestyle in second place, making sure we make time to worship, for our small group, getting involved with others to serve our community. All of these things will give you more chance to win the prize that God is calling us all to.

I pray that together we will see even greater things, in fact, more than we can imagine as we continue to keep God First.

How about this for a training schedule to keep God First?

‘Hold unswervingly to the hope you profess, for he who promised is faithful. Consider how you may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, Don’t give up meeting together Encourage one another Do not throw away your confidence. Persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.’ (Hebrews 10:23-25, 35-36).
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