October 2013

Written by Tim Hancock   

I asked for a single to be told that it was cheaper to get a Day Ticket, so £5.70 later I took my ticket from the machine – whatever happened to bus conductors - and settled down for my ride. I plugged in my headphones so that I could listen to the news from around the world on the radio and spent the journey looking out of the window waiting for my stop to get off.

As I stared, I became more and more fascinated by what I saw. The bus journey was the same journey that I had driven many times before, but suddenly I began to see things I’d never seen before. Instead of having to concentrate on driving and the other maniacs on the road, all I needed to do was stop and stare. Whilst my ears were hearing the latest bad news from Syria, reflections on the anniversary of 9/11 and a report on England’s 0-0 draw with Ukraine, my eyes were seeing what was happening on my doorstep, it gave me a whole new perspective.

I saw houses I’d never noticed, shops I’d never seen, communities that looked like they needed some help, people who were rushing or waiting, laughing or crying, the reality of life in the faces of the people I too easily pass by. (The weirdest thing I saw? At the junction of Botley Road and Portsmouth Road next to the street name was a board that had ‘JESUS’ written on it. He gets everywhere!)

It’s good to get a fresh perspective on familiar things, to look at them from a different angle, to think about someone from a new point of view, to do something with a new purpose and vision. Take something ordinary, like a meal, and use it to invite someone who doesn’t know Jesus to come and share it with you. Walk round your community (instead of always driving through it) and see what is going on. Look in your neighbours eyes and see what you could do to make a difference. An invitation to a meal, an invitation to get involved, an invitation to listen.

Take time for a new perspective. A new perspective on what God is doing so that you can join Him in doing it. Perhaps even a fresh perspective on Jesus..
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