June 2014

Written by Tim Hancock   

Have you ever wanted to travel backwards or forwards in time? It has been the dream for so many yet has never been the reality for any – as far as we know. It’s been the theme of TV shows like ‘Quantum Leap’and ‘Doctor Who’, books like HG Wells (1895) ‘The Time Machine’, films like ‘TimeTravellers Wife’ and ‘Back to the Future’, andeven songs by Cher and Aqua. Interest was sparked again in 2010 when someone spotted an actor using a mobile phone in a Charlie Chaplin film, ‘The Circus’, released in 1928!

But now, I can claim to have perfected the art of going backwards and forwards in time! When it first happened I couldn’t quite believe it, but it is true. It happens when I move from the kitchen to the dining room at home and back again. It is not because of the décor or furniture in each room but because I have a radio on in each room. If you have a DAB radio you can try it yourself. DAB radio transmits a few seconds behind a non-­‐DAB radio, so when I walk from the kitchen to the dining room I can hear the same news again. When the time signal pips are broadcast it is 7am in my kitchen before it is 7am in my dining room! Weird! So what is the real time?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could go back in time? I wonder what you wouldn’t have done or said if you could just hop back a few seconds? Or what you would have done or said if you could turn back a day or a month or a few years?

We can live with doubts and fears, regrets or failures far too much and they can end up squeezing life out of us. What we have or haven’t done in the past does matter, there are real consequences to our words and actions. However, we do need to remember that we have a God who enables us to live in the present free from the past and looking to the future.

I have no doubt that many who encountered Jesus and saw the possibility of what their lives could have been had moments when they wanted to turn back time and start again, but Jesus always started from where they were and offered them a brand new start. On Easter Sunday we heard the testimony of 5 young men who took a step of faith, 4 of them into the waters of baptism, to declare that from this day forward they were keeping their eyes on Jesus for their future. Five world-­‐changers who knew the freedom of forgiveness from the past and declared their determina4on to follow Jesus. (Listen again to their stories – www.lhfc.org.uk)

Faith in Jesus is a present and future faith – ‘I tell you, now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation.’ (2 Corinthians 6:2) It’s a faith that needs sharing, a truth that needs declaring to people who are captured by their past so that they can find love now and hope for the future.

Going back a few seconds to hear the news again is one thing, but moving into the future that God has planned for your life is what must excite each one of us. The Psalmist declared – ‘I trust in you, LORD; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands;’ (Psalm 31:14-­‐15) That is a great story to tell; Jesus,right now, deals with the past and the future. That’s why it’s called good news!

I pray that you will know the forgiveness of Jesus for the past, that you will trust Him with your whole life as you walk into the future He has planned for you starting now and that you will invite someone else to do just the same.

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