Our present church building has continued to host a massive range of events...

Over the past few months our present church building has continued to host a massive range of events – worship, prayer, teaching and activities for young and old. We have also transformed, stretched, rearranged and re-organised spaces to accommodate hundreds of people for special Christmas meals, parties, services and events. It’s been great! [We definitely need a bigger building!]

Behind the scenes, progress with the new building plans have been frustratingly slow – with delays occurring due to changes in Council staff, missing communications and workloads which regularly seem to knock our project down people’s priority lists. [I have been assured that these delays are not due to some secret bad news – it is simply just one of those things.]

Raising the necessary funds also looms around us. Just before Christmas a team from the church visited an organisation that helps to find grants – and we were reminded again that there are no secret stashes of cash to save the day. Our plans will only become a reality if the entire church family gets actively involved and God moves powerfully.

These two challenges have a very powerful effect. They either overwhelm and allow fears to find root, or they encourage us to lift our eyes, pray more, trust more, give of ourselves more to God.

There is a constant choice we need to make. And now is the time.

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit - says the Lord” Zechariah 4:6
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