Building FAQ

Why a bigger building?

Each week we presently welcome nearly 800 people through our doors. Our Sunday congregation and official church membership far exceeds our seating capacity and we regularly face the challenge of not having enough room. During the week our work with primary school children, youth, parents and seniors regularly use all available space, limiting growth and new activities finding a home. Our building is full. However, God continues to call us to share faith, hope and love - so in order to respond to God we need to create more space.

What is being built?

The new building will include a 500 seat auditorium, a larger sports hall, a café, large foyer and staff offices. The re-fit will provide a 180 seat auditorium, several multi-use rooms, a dedicated pre-school area and a youth suite.

How long will the building take to complete?

Work on the new building began at the beginning of July 2018 and will take just over a year to complete. When this building is finished the new building and car park will be available for use and the builders will fence off and work on the present building. The re-fit work will take around a further 3 months to complete.

Will everything be ready for use on completion?

The church has sufficient funds (with the aid of a large mortgage) to complete the main structure and re-fit. However the purchase of a number of items has had to be postponed until further funds can be raised. These items include chairs, audio/visual system. stage lighting, kitchenettes – important items but items that can be added at a later date.

How is the building project being funded?

Through personal gifts from the church family, the sale of a church property, fund raising activities, applying for any appropriate grants and a large mortgage (also paid for by the church congregation).

Would a donation from me help? [I don’t think my little gift will make a difference.]

It is easy to think that there are loads of other people who will give large amounts of time and money in comparison to the amount that you can give. But every wall is made up of individual bricks and every brick makes a difference – remember lots of individual bricks add up! There is also the faith dimension to remember. In Luke 21:1-4, we hear Jesus commending a widow for giving just a small offering – all she had – God looks at our heart. God also promises that when we bring our full offering to Him He will open the floodgates of Heaven [Malachi 3:10].

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