Core Values

Core Values

The core values of our children's ministry underpin all the choices we make, the direction we are heading in, and the reason for all we are doing - essentially, they are 'who we are'. The core values listed below are the 'DNA' for all areas of our children's ministry - they are core in all we do, and in all who serve.

Children's Ministry Mission Statement:

"It is our passion and purpose that children will experience New Life with Jesus, trust Him everyday, and share the Good News with others."

Christ Centred

It is our aim that everything we do in KFJ has Christ at the very centre. This includes the purpose of our activities, the content of our lessons, and the relationships we model and build with the children. The Lord made kids, loves them, and died for them. It is our responsibility to show this to the children we meet every week.

Child Targeted

We provide age-appropriate activities that are purely for the benefit of the children. We aim to view KFJ through the eyes of the kids, so that they will benefit the most. The kids need to know that the children's ministry is just for them!

A Safe and Secure place

The world has become a very scary place for kids, and often a very unsafe place. We want KFJ to be a place where children feel completely safe physically, emotionally and spiritually. We work hard to ensure that our church is a place that our children can feel safe in and we take our responsibilies for this very seriously.

We carry our extensive child protection checks on all members of our ministry team, both staff and volunteers. Child protection courses run regularly to keep training up to date too. Parents are required to register their children at Locks Heath, and sign them in every week during our 11am service on a Sunday. Children are not permitted to leave their venue without a responsible parent or designated guardian.

Having fun

We know that the most effective growth and learning in children occurs when they are enjoying themselves. We try to view all our activities through the eyes of a child and consider the impact the activities have on them. We also know that if the children are having fun, they will want to return again, perhaps with friends too!

Sharing Jesus Relevantly and Purposefully

As a ministry team, we have committed ourselves to support and encourage each child's personal walk with Christ. We can do this through well planned, effective teaching, enabling positive life application in daily living. If children can relate what they learn in KFJ to their everyday life, we believe they will grow as stronger followers of Jesus.


We want our children to 'get it' rather than 'endure it'. We aim to teach the Bible creatively, so that children really do learn and understand truths. If children can understand that the Bible is relevant for them, they will gain much more from it. Being creative will also allow the kids to have lots of fun.

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