What kind of security checks do volunteers have to go through?

We work hard at Locks Heath Free Church to make sure that the spiritual, physical and emotional safety of all children is of paramount importance. All staff and volunteers who work with children have extensive screening checks carried out, which includes background, legal and reference checks as well as personal interviews with children's ministry and Locks Heath Free Church staff. Child protection courses also run regularly to keep training up to date.

What is the capacity of KFJ and other children's ministry groups?

We aim to provide a fun, yet safe learning environment for children. For infants up to age 2, we have a maximum of 3 children to each adult, Toddlers have 4 children to each adult, 4-6 year olds have 8 children per adult and 7-10 year olds have between 8 and 10 children per adult. Many activities have higher ratios of adults to children, however.

How does my child become a member of a small group at KFJ?

When your child has established a regular attendance pattern at KFJ, we will assign them a small group, usually based on the school year group or age of the child. For children who are visiting at a weekend, they will still have the opportunity to take part in small group activities, although the choice of group is likely to depend on the space available.

What if I need to be contacted during a children's ministry event or activity?

If you need to be contacted during a weekend service, a member of the KFJ team will make every effort to find you. For children aged 0-4 (pre-school), parents or nominated guardians must stay on site at all times.  If you are leaving your child at a mid-week activity and the team need to contact you, they will use the contact details given by you on your child's registration form. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that correct details are given on these forms, and that they are updated if information changes.

What is the cost of KFJ, or other groups?

KFJ does not cost anything - we are so excited to have the children with us. For some mid-week activities, a small fee is sometimes charged - please contact the group leader for further information.

How do I volunteer to help out with the children's ministry?

Our children's ministry has been growing rapidly and this means that there are always a lot of opportunities for volunteering. If you are interested in joining the children's ministry team, or you would like more information about serving opportunities, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 01489 579669. There are a wide variety of roles you could serve in - something for everybody!

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