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A New Commandment
Be Courageous
because . . .
Beyond We are called to be a people of faith, who live in the light of what is beyond the immediate. This series uses the book of Daniel to understand what a person of faith looks like and does when faced with a hostile world.
Deeper ‘A heart after God’ is how the OT character David was described, this series seeks to unpack why this was said of David and how we too might be people described as having ‘a heart after God’.
DNA - It's Who We Are Due to DNA, children should exhibit a likeness to their parents. This series explores the God likenesses that should be seen and developed in Christians, Small Groups and as a Church.
Doctor's Report
Elijah - Just Like Us
Essentials The Bible is clear that God wants to be involved in our everyday lives. This series unpacks a number of spiritual disciplines and provides practical steps towards knowing more of God each day.
Essentials Revisited
Fan into Flame
Focus undefined
Go in the strength you have
Go Large
God Sends: Jonah
God's Big Build
Great Expectations
Jonah This series explores the book of Jonah asking the question ‘Do you care?’ Jonah’s response is shockingly honest and he is taught some tough lessons.
Just Walk Across The Room Based on the Willow Creek material, this series explains and practically helps us to share our faith with those far from God.
Kinds Of Prayer
Live Life Now
Living Beyond Myself
Living In The Real World A series that uses a case study approach to unpack how we might approach everyday situations in a God honouring way.
Love One Another Deeply
Miracle Maker The series looks beyond the miracles to the Miracle Maker and sets out to help us encounter the truth about Jesus and our response to him. We need to be challenged by the miraculous but we must not miss the One who makes it possible, the One who gives his life so that we might have life. As the stories unfold ask yourself, ‘What can I discover that will point me to Jesus?’ and ‘How can the Miracle Maker transform my life today?’
Miscellaneous Topics of general interest.
Moses: Called to Follow
Motto 2012
Motto Text 2015
Motto Text 2016
Motto Text 2017
One Thing
Ordinary Heroes What does it mean to be a Jesus follower in our ordinary lives? This series unpacks Romans 12 to see the people God has created and called us to be.
Pockets of Community
Prayer Life
Press In
Releasing The Power Of Heaven
Restore Point
RISK 2018
Rooted and Booted
Sermon On The Mount
Sing a new song
Spot The Difference?
Stand Firm
Stuff We live in a society where possessions can be the major driving force in our lives. This series seeks to give a God perspective and practical help to ensuring ‘stuff’ comes after God.
Thankful A series looking at attributes of God to stir us to be more thankful.
The Power of a Question
The Ultimate Building Project
The Way
Third Person Present Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?
Unwrapped An up close look at Spiritual Gifts.
Up Close
Voting Matters 2015
Voting Mattters
Who Do You Think You Are?
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