This study guide for small groups is intended to be used in conjunction with the sermon series ‘Just Walk across the Room’, and is provided to develop the themes that will be raised.

All of us know that God decided to walk across the universe in order to reach us but what would it take for you to take a few steps to share this great news with someone that you know? Perhaps it is time to get out of your comfort zone so that someone else can discover what you have each discovered.

Just a few steps, just a few words, and somebody’s life will be changed for the whole of eternity! Is there anything more worthwhile than that?

As you go through this study, just be open to what God wants to teach you through these 4 weeks, get involved in the activities and listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice as he invites you to walk across the room.

This material is based on the book by Bill Hybels, ‘Just Walk Across the Room’ (Zondervan 2006) 

Other books worth a read:
Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult, Nick Pollard (IVP)
Know and Tell the Gospel, John Chapman (Matthias Media)
Kiss and Tell, Pete Gilbert (CWR Publishing)
Sharing Your Faith with a Friend, Michael Green (IVP)
Sowing, Reaping, Keeping, Laurence Singlehurst (Crossway)

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