1: The Single Greatest Gift

Prepare worship based on {bible}John 1{/bible}

Who would you like to spend a day with soaking up their knowledge, expertise and skill? 


  • Who were the key people and what were the key moments in you coming to faith?
  • Think about a person you know who is not a Christ follower. What stops you from moving outside your comfort zone? What fears do you have?
  • What does {bible}Luke 19:10{/bible} tell you about how Jesus approaches his mission?
  • READ {bible}Romans 5:8{/bible} and {bible}Philippians 2:5-11{/bible}. Jesus walked towards us, how might this help us overcome some of our own fears about evangelism?
  • How might you get in tune with the Holy Spirit’s promptings and know who you should walk towards and what you should say?

What one thing are you going to do or say this week when you walk towards a person you know who is not a follower of Jesus Christ?

READING: Just Walk Across the Room - Introduction, Chapters 1 & 2

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