3: The Power Of A Story

Prepare worship based on {bible}2Corinthians 5:19{/bible}. Share communion together

What is the best fictional book you have ever read? What made it so good?


  • READ {bible}Acts 26:2-29{/bible}. This is Paul’s story. What are the features of his witness?
  • Get into groups of 2/3 and take one of the following stories each. Write down the person’s story noting what they were like before they met Jesus, what happened when they met him and what difference he made to them.

    • The man with leprosy - {bible}Luke 5:12-15{/bible}
    • The demon-possessed man – {bible}Luke 8:26-39{/bible}
    • The sick woman – {bible}Luke 8:42-48{/bible}
    • The blind beggar – {bible}Luke 18:35-43{/bible}
    • The crippled beggar – {bible}Acts 3:1-10{/bible}
    • The jailer – {bible}Acts 16:25-34{/bible}
  • Now write your story (see page 8) and tell it. Be short (2 minutes maximum), clear (be focussed on one clear point), use simple language (no Christian jargon) and humble.
  • If you were telling God’s story, what would you say? Have three people in the group explain and demonstrate the illustrations – ‘The Bridge’, (see pages 9) ‘Do v Done’ and ‘The Morality Ladder’. (see page 10) What does everyone think about them? Get into 2’s and practice one of them.

READ {bible}Proverbs 3:5-6{/bible} from ‘The Message’ paraphrase. How will you listen to God’s voice this week and respond to his promptings to tell your story?

READING: Just Walk Across the Room - Introduction, Chapters 6, 7 & 8

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