4: Bigger Vision Living

Prepare worship based on {bible}John 15:1-17{/bible}

If you had enough courage and daring, what would you like to do that at the moment you are too frightened to attempt?


  • READ {bible}Luke 5:1-11{/bible}
    Do you share the doubts of the first disciples?
    How can we be obedient to what Jesus says?
    How can Jesus’ vision of ‘more fish’ become our vision?
    What can we learn from this story about ‘catching men’ (and women)?
  • Based on the following verses, what do you learn about the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the life of Christ-followers?
    • {bible}John 14:16-21{/bible}
    • {bible}Acts 1:8{/bible}
    • {bible}Romans 8:26-27{/bible}
  • How do you feel about walking across the room towards people who need to discover who Jesus is?

Plan a ‘Matthew Party’ event to invite and involve your ‘non-Christian’ friends. Keep it simple, something all of you are happy doing, make sure the ratio is right and pray in advance for what God will do. Start small… but start!

READING: Just Walk Across the Room - Introduction, Chapters 9, 10 & 11

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