5: Pride (Part 1)

{bible 31}Daniel 4{/bible}

King Nebuchadnezzar writes to the whole world and despite the tough experience he had been through begins by praising God. Do your stories of God begin with thanksgiving? What are you thankful to God for at the moment?

Why do you think God put him through this?

God is always interested in character before calling (who you are before what you do). Has God ever highlighted a character issue in you that he wanted to address? How did God speak to you?

Despite what had happened in chapter 3, Nebuchadnezzar acknowledging ‘the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’, he did not listen to God. Have you had a time in your life when God had to humble you to make you listen? What was it like? What did you learn?

What will you need to have in place in your life so that you can live beyond pride?

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