6: Pride (Part 2)

{bible 31}Daniel 5{/bible}

Is there an achievement in your life that you would say you were proud of? Who helped you achieve it?

What do you think it is about Daniel that meant he was called in?

What will people remember about you? {bible 31} Daniel 5:11-12{/bible}

Ignoring warnings leads to death {bible 31}Daniel 5:30{/bible} What truth do you need to tell to others and what truth do you need to hear?

In chapter 4, Nebuchadnezzar seems to get a second chance, in chapter 5 Belshazzar simply receives the verdict. Is there ever a point when we run out of chances with God?

What can you do to live beyond pride now so when God makes his judgement on you, you will not be found wanting?

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