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The Workplace

Saturday 22nd March 2014

9:30am - 2:30pm

Solent Hotel, Rookery Avenue, Whiteley. PO15 7AJ

John Deagle and Anna Springett

John and Anna explored the case for putting healthy relationships at the centre of what we do at work. The seminar introduced practical tools and insights to help effective working between individuals and teams. Building on healthy relationship principles they focused on dealing with differences when they arise and finding ways of managing them so that business can move forward.

relish — healthy relationships in business www.relish.uk.com/

Dr Cliff Allen

Cliff drew on his recent research and explored how you can identify and meet the leadership development needs and potential you and others around you have for improving leadership practice. The interactive session drew upon each delegates own expertise and experience of developing leadership.

The delegates gave great feedback from the day having gained new learning and practical and effective tools to put into action in the workplace on Monday morning.

Saturday 9th November 2013

Chris Lubbe
Chris Lubbe

‘Creating a rainbow nation...in your workplace’

With humour and humility Chris Lubbe told an inspirational and compelling story of his incredible life in South Africa and his close involvement with the leaders who transformed the nation.

After a great breakfast served at The Solent Hotel, everyone was eager to hear Chris’s story. As the prolonged applause when Chris had finished eventually subsided, it was clear that everyone had been affected by the story of this man having been taken on an emotional journey that saw hope come out of despair and reconciliation replace bitterness.

Originally from Durban, South Africa, where he spent most of his life, Chris got involved in the struggle against 'apartheid' as a student and through determination and courage, with a few scrapes and bruises along the way, learnt many lessons from Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Oliver Tambo, as well as dancing with Princess Diana and meeting Denzel Washington.

Having been involved in organising rallies and protests with the ANC he experienced first-hand the leadership of Nelson Mandela and watched as not only national hurts were healed, but his own life was reconciled in the reality of post-apartheid South Africa. Chris walked closely to the President as one of his bodyguards for the 8 years Mandela was President of the new nation.

Chris shared many lessons about what it took for South Africa to become a ‘rainbow nation’ and he encouraged his listeners to see ‘forgiveness as the key to freedom’, not only for nations, but for workplaces, communities, families and individuals.

A man of faith, living in the freedom Jesus Christ offers, it was clear to everyone listening that Chris had been shaped through his experiences to be a person of hope, carrying the message of reconciliation to all those who will listen.

This was another thought-provoking Breakfast that will continue to have an impact in how we live and work every day.

Saturday 17th November 2012

Dr Liz Jackson MBE
Liz Jackson MBE

There was an air of expectation and a buzz of conversation as breakfast was served and enjoyed at the latest Business Breakfast at The Solent Hotel. Dr Liz Jackson MBE, who had founded and grown her business, ‘Great Guns Marketing’ over the last 15 years, was the speaker and it was very quickly apparent as she started that this was going to be a special morning.

With humour and vulnerability Liz put a smile on faces, tears in eyes, faith in hearts and vision in minds, taking the guests on her journey from a GCSE in Drama to leading a multi-million pound company, encountering people along the way who made a difference to her and inspired her to keep going.

Her talk was based on a line from Henry Ford, ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right’, linking that to a line in Proverbs, ‘For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.’ Liz spoke about the example of the people who ran the company where she started to work at the age of 17 and how they shared love and grace with her, how they spotted what she could do and encouraged her to do it.

At the age of 25, the year she went blind, she started her own business to business sales company and learnt so much from the mistakes she made. She expressed her belief that work is a gift from God not a chore and that being scared was the first step to doing great things

She ended by saying, ‘Whatever you do don’t rely on luck, it is hard work that makes the difference and when you see an opportunity, grab it. Whatever you do don’t be a nearly woman or a nearly man, the worst thing that can happen if you try is that you fail and failure is an opportunity for learning.’

Liz’s clear Christian faith and principles are the foundation for who she is today and all that she has achieved. She spoke with great warmth about her life and the people she has met and worked with, learning to be thankful and seeing life as an incredible privilege whatever the challenges and circumstances.

An inspiring morning for all who attended.


Solent Hotel, Whiteley
Speaker: Mark Hoban MP

Mark Hoban MP for Fareham, and Financial Secretary to the Treasury, was the speaker at the March Breakfast just days after the 2012 Budget was presented in the Commons. As a key player in the development of the Budget, Mark was able to speak about the beliefs behind the measures and help the audience see how the Government feels it will help Business and the local and national economy.

Having given an overview of some key economic issues, Mark them fielded a wide range of questions from the guests. Pensions, tax, investment opportunities, coalition government, as well as sharing his personal convictions about politics and his desire to make a difference.

Comments made after the event:

‘A great opportunity to hear an influential speaker with a relevant message - plus sausages!’

‘Well done - this is a great event. Great to see so many different people connecting on different levels. A good alternative way to bring different people together too.’

HAMPSHIRE CHRISTIAN BUSINESS FORUM and LOCKS HEATH FREE CHURCH hosted the third Business Breakfast at the Solent Hotel, Whiteley on Saturday 11th June.

Jenny Charteris

The guest speaker, Jenny Charteris, Director of CPCR, gave a lively, informed and practical talk about collaboration in the workplace from her vast global experience working in a wide variety of complex organisations and partnerships.

Relating her knowledge to practical situations enabled all those present to find relevance for their day to day lives, whether working in multi-national corporations, small partnerships, in retirement and even in family life.

The Collaborative Leadership Wheel was a simple, practical takeaway tool for everyone who came highlighting the need for the various spokes to be in place for a successful collaboration to take place. Setting mutual goals and objectives is the hub whilst sharing the risk and reward is the rim. Holding the two together are clear understandings of how this collaboration might work; Leadership, Team structure, Decision making processes, Conflict resolution, Systems, Communication, Reward, Measurement and Improvement. All held together by Relationships and Trust.

Jenny brought clarity and insight to each element and communicated strongly her passion to make partnership work.

As a South African, Jenny left us with a new word, ‘Ubuntu’ – ‘We are, therefore I am’. A word that summed up the morning and gave a fresh impetus to go and work in this way.

Feedback from the morning was strong:

‘Great atmosphere and really helpful talk with very practical application.’

‘This speaker was very good , I found it very useful and was glad I had brought a friend’

‘Good way to network and meet people’

The breakfast is organised by ‘Hampshire Christian Business Forum’ a group of business people from Locks Heath Free Church who are committed to support, equip and encourage people in the workplace.

Saturday 27th November 2010

Solent Hotel, Whiteley
Speaker: Rob Parsons
(Executive Chairman –
Care for the Family)
Rob Parsons

The second Business Breakfast hosted by the Hampshire Christian Business Forum at The Solent Hotel was another popular, effective and thought-provoking event. Over 70 people heard the speaker for the morning, Rob Parsons, give wise, practical, inspirational and challenging advice for the business man and woman and caused laughter and tears as he recounted incidents from his own vast experience of leadership in the workplace.

Speaking from his best-selling book, ‘The Heart of Success’, Rob reminded everyone of the principles behind making it in business without losing in life. He talked about his own childhood and the lessons he learnt from his dad. His dad was a Postman who instilled into Rob the power of believing that your job makes a difference. His father was delivering the ROYAL Mail and did everything to make sure that he did it well. Rob also reminded delegates that ‘a slower day is not coming’ and the importance of family even in the middle of the pressures of the workplace. He also challenged everyone to keep dreaming and to act on the dreams before it is too late.

As the event finished it was clear that the morning had not only provided good food for the body, but food for the mind and the soul. People from a wide spectrum of businesses were challenged by the talk and went home with much to reflect on. Each delegate also went home with a CD of a talk given by Marcus Buckingham, ‘The One Thing you Need to Know’, which reinforces Rob’s point to play to your strengths.

The breakfast is organised by ‘Hampshire Christian Business Forum’ a group of business people from Locks Heath Free Church who are committed to support, equip and encourage people in the workplace.

The Breakfast also saw the launch of a new initiative from the Hampshire Business Forum. If you are thinking about changing careers, developing new initiatives, seeking employment and would like some help and advice, please get in touch. If you can offer help and advice to someone in taking that journey, we would love to hear from you as well. We want to be able to link people up to offer support, encouragement, experience and inspiration. We don’t want anyone to stand alone. Please contact us.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Previously . . .
Saturday 27th March 2010 Solent Hotel, Whiteley
Steve Gates

The first event from the Hampshire Christian Business Forum proved to be a big success with a combination of great venue, full breakfast and dynamic speaker. Over 80 people attended and sat down together for a feast of good food, conversation and inspiration.

The noise eventually subsided as Steve Gates, Managing Director of Denplan, took to the microphone and led us through an excellent presentation called ‘Authentic Leadership – Possible Today?’ He shared insights from his own reading and learning as well as his own personal experience of building a very successful company, unpacking the key elements to leadership in today’s economic climate. Common sense laced with humour combined to create a challenging and motivating 45 minutes which left a lasting impression on all who attended.

‘Thought-provoking stuff for the ego-centric businessman but with a lightness of presentation thankfully not matched by the breakfast!’
‘What a solid no-nonsense talk, inspirational, I hope I can put some of it into practice, my workplace will be all the better for it.’
‘It was great to have space to think and listen and even in the short space of time we had, to be challenged to think in a different way.’

It was a morning that connected with people in all areas of business and leadership and the feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive.

‘A great atmosphere - with an excellent speaker - just a pity time went too quickly !!’
‘HCBF provided an excellent event for business people that was inspiring, encouraging and most of all useful. Thank you!’
‘An excellent opportunity to reflect on leadership and network with other professionals’.

Every delegate went home well fed and with a copy of the book, ‘The Heart of Success’ by Rob Parsons, which will continue to provide challenge and inspiration to everyone in the workplace environment.

Some more of the feedback:
90% of respondents rated the relevance of the event as good or excellent
100% rated the format as good or excellent
90% rated the speaker as excellent
79% rated the event overall as excellent

Thanks to everyone who attended and responded to the survey. We look forward to planning the next event and continuing to provide a forum that will be helpful and supportive to all in the workplace.


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