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Blue Moon Events

Blue Moon

What are Blue Moon Events?

Events designed by the LHFC team for people who don’t normally attend church, or attend ‘once in a blue moon’. They will be high quality, non-threatening, relevant and thought provoking. They will be a place where you can come and enjoy time with your friends and family, confident that it will be worth inviting them along.

Who should I invite?

Blue Moon events are for you to bring someone you know, so please think and pray about who you can invite – a work colleague, a neighbour, a friend. Buy a ticket for yourself and one for someone you know who doesn’t usually attend church.

The Blue Moon Team will provide a great evening that can help you as you seek to build relationships with the people you know and provide a bridge for them to see ‘faith and church’ in a slightly different way.

Blue Moon events can act as a first step or a bridge to someone discovering faith and are an ideal opportunity for you to share the journey with someone you invite along.

Blue Moon Events will be back in 2017.


Whenever Daughters of Davis step on to the stage anticipation rises.

As they started their first song here at LHFC, that anticipation turned into a smile and their infectious style spread to everyone listening. Feet started to tap, hands started to clap and the audience were driven along by the energy of Adrienne and Fern (and Joel) as they sang their songs which come from their adventures on the road of life.

Their story is one of hope and faith which inspires their singing and continues to impact many others, whether in a club, church or school hall. Their brand new songs were interwoven with a variety of covers which formed the framework for their willingness to talk about faith and invite others to join the journey.

The crowd were a mixture of all ages, but together, once again, we shared their journey and left the building feeling topped up with hope and confidence in a God who walks with us.


Andy Kind! Whenever we mention his name now we will laugh and laugh and laugh. Why? Because as soon as he started the BlueMoonCafe evening, everyone laughed.

Andy was witty, clever, engaging and hilarious, telling story after story which had us on the edge of our seats and rolling in the aisles. His witty banter with the audience provided brand new material and we enjoyed being able to laugh at him and with him as he explored incidents in his life and the lives of the people he ‘picked’ on!

At the interval people were already asking – when is he going to come again? That’s how good Andy is.

Laughter is definitely good for the soul and everyone went away feeling that they had been blessed.

ROO WALKER did not disappoint! His unquestionable talent and quirky temperament combined to give the audience an evening to remember. His guitar playing mesmerised all who attended and his love of performing overflowed to everyone who came.

Roo brought out new ways of performing familiar songs and displayed intricate dexterity when layering tracks to perform well known anthems. The audience were engaged and involved in the event from the start, it felt like we had been part of it without once getting up onto the stage.

Once again, BlueMoonCafé didn’t disappoint. A great venue to bring friends along for high quality entertainment with a twist of faith.


When Philippa Hanna jumped onto the stage and played her first chord, her energetic and vibrant personality was clear for everyone in the packed out room to see. Philippa had already received rave reviews from her performances at Big Church Day Out, Songs of Praise and on tour with Wet, Wet, Wet and Lionel Richie, and by the end of this evening she would receive many more and have many more fans.

Philippa’s range of vocals and styles moved the audience from sadness to joy as she wove her own story throughout the evening. Having had many challenges in her life, she testified to her faith in Jesus who had set her free from fear to enjoy life to the full and that gave her confidence to share that life with others.

The audience, made up of people of all ages, were enthralled throughout the evening as Philippa and her husband Joel, playing percussion, engaged everyone in her story. A truly great talent who gave herself completely to ensure another amazing BlueMoonCafé.

For more information about Philippa - philippahanna.com.

For more information: Locks Heath Free Church
(01489) 579669 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / www.lhfc.org.uk


The stage was set, the smell of coffee was pervading the room and the gentle buzz of expectation was being heard. The first BlueMoonCafe was about to begin. As Daughters of Davis (Fern and Adrienne along with Kyle on the Box Drum) jumped onto the stage and started the evening, it quickly became clear that everyone was in for an evening of infectious enthusiasm, great vocals and powerful testimony. BlueMoonCafe was going to be the place where music and faith came alive.

With their unique folk/soul vibe, using a mixture of covers and original songs, Daughters of Davis got to the heart of their own personal journey and expressed a deep joy which resonated with the audience. Their fresh, vibrant style connected with everyone in a way that enabled all who were there to feel part of the story as it was unfolded. People laughed as they talked about their experiences in a camper van touring around the country, cried as they shared about some of their personal struggles in life and cheered when they shared their confidence in a God who changes things.

People of all ages were thrilled by the evening and everyone went away from the BlueMoonCafe with a smile on their face and joy in their heart.

Keep in touch with them – www.daughtersofdavis.com

Tickets for each event will be £5, there will be drinks and snacks available to purchase. Great value for such high-quality entertainment with a twist of faith. Get the dates in your diary and plan to make some invitations to what will be three amazing evenings at LHFC in 2014.

Blue Moon events can act as a first step or a bridge to someone discovering faith and are an ideal opportunity for you to share the journey with someone you invite along. At some point you will be able to invite them to Alpha or Christianity Explored where they can spend time discussing the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ.

For more information: Locks Heath Free Church
(01489) 579669 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / www.lhfc.org.uk
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