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“I’m Jim (that’s me in the picture!) and this is the wonderful world of Youth at LHFC


There is plenty to be involved in whether you want to attend our youth events, perhaps be involved in helping out or if you are a parent and are simply looking at what we offer. Right from the off I would like to say with the exception of myself we have a great volunteer team working in various areas that make the experience for young people at LHFC fun, challenging and memorable.


If you want to know more about our various youth programmes please just click on the other tabs under the ‘Youth’ tab and have a look around. And if you have any questions please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or pop in and speak to me!


loveUploveOutYou might be wondering what the ‘Love up Love out’ image is all about, well we have a youth motto/vision for all the activities we do and that is best described by those words ‘Love up Love out’. So some of our activities which are more outward focussed, such as The Edge or Central are more ‘loving out’ giving young people a chance to come chill, use the building, develop friendships and have fun. And some of our youth activities are more about developing young people’s interest in the Christian Faith (Love up – or in essence Love God)


As you can imagine we have a lot of young people that come to our youth activities and so we need to be organised, so at The Edge and Central we ask the young people to fill out a ‘newbie form’ which asks for basic details such as address, parents name and contact details etc. But we also have a more detailed consent form if there is information you as parents feel we need to know use this link to download a 'Parental Consent Form'


Just so you know, all our youth activities run during term time only (unless specified).

I hope you find the various ‘Tabs’ interesting and full of the correct information......enjoy!”


Jim Privett
Youth Ministries Director

© 2019 Locks Heath Free Church