Connect Groups Extra (Sun)


Connect Groups Extra is our Sunday morning group for those at senior school. It's a great chance to look at themes, books, characters and principles of the Bible in relation to the world today and ask some challenging questions that are designed to help young Christians grow through discussion-based groups.

The groups are split into ages, school years 7-8 (optional for year 9’s) meet for the 1st and 2nd week in each half term, then we have an all age youth session which include all the ages (year 7-11) and that meets for the 3rd and 4th week of a half term. The 5th week is a chance for the young people to either help in another area of Church life or they can sit in the service and the 6th week in a half term is youth worship and prayer.All the young people start each Sunday by being in the service until the Worship is done and they leave for the youth room (Upstairs called the PYT)

In essence our Sunday morning half termly structure should look like this!

Week 1 – School years 7+8 (year 9’s can join in if they want too)

Week 2 - School years 7+8 (year 9’s can join in if they want too)

Week 3 – All ages (Year 7-11)

Week 4 – All ages (Year 7-11)

Week 5 – Either they young people serve around the Church or they can sit in on the Sermon.

Week 6 – Youth Worship and prayer in the youth room (PYT)

Any weekend that falls at the beginning or end of a holiday (for example the first weekend and last weekend in October half term) will mean that there are no youth sessions running, so the young people can again either help serve around the Church or sit in on the sermon.

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